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See the World through a new set of Eyes (Android ONLY)

Hi! Did you know that one of my baby projects has finally made it to Google Play? I've spent the last 3 years working on the first working version of this app. Long story short, this app uses your device's camera and distorts your vision LIVE depending on the mode selected. Currently, there are 4 modes available in their first baby versions - Fungi Brain, Paper Eyes, Dissociated and Cacti Please remember - this app does LIVE VIDEO PROCESSING, don't expect it to work on older devices, it's optimized for Android 11 and most likely will have some permission-related bugs on other versions. Sorry, I'm not a developer so this will never be perfect, so please test the demo first before leaving a 1-star rating because it doesn't work on 10-year-old device :D Heres the link - iOS users - I wish I had the tech/resources to get this running on your devices, but sadly I cant afford iOS developer, nor Apple tech for testing, so most likely this app won't make it to Apple store in next months. Maybe something changes and I find a random giant bag of cash somewhere and I can afford it, but until then, no iOS versions, I'm really sorry for this, I really wanted to see how the app looked on amazing Apple screens. Anyway, please share your thoughts, ideas, insights and most importantly feedback. Have a great day!

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