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My name is Raimonds, I’m also known as StingrayZ over at Reddit, and ever since I remember myself I’ve been consumed by the concept of our perception. It fascinates me, how we perceive the world around us, and many different ways we can tune our perception – meditation, dreaming, sleep deprivation, mind-altering substances, breathing techniques, etc. I got so captivated by this idea, that I started replicating these altered states (it’s all subjective, and we all know that), so people could catch a glimpse at how it’s like to perceive the World through a new set of eyes.

VICE Nederland article (Some translation might be needed here)

Currently open for projects in Video Production, VFX, Visionary Art and 3D/VR Production.

Have an idea for a project? Want to see inanimate objects come to life? Maybe you would like to see your images having a new breath of life. Maybe you want to share your feedback or just chat?

Let me know!

By the way, I wanted to add that I do not consent to unrequested use of my work in performances, AI model training and any type of commercial work. Please be a decent human and ask first, I tend to approve these things on case basis. I also am strictly against any rebranding of my previous work, which means showcasing your logo on top of it in any way shape or form.

Larger Projects

Sensory Overload 3D/VR Experience

Independent research (interviews, polls, feedback sessions) on subjective visual and audio effects experienced by people on the Autism spectrum, while undergoing phenomena called "Sensory Overload" as well as production and coordination of Visual Effects for VR experience now used in various schools and public spaces to try and promote empathy towards people experiencing these sensory overloads.

This is an attempt to replicate Sensory Overload (Meltdown) experienced in an everyday setting such as a classroom. The setting is chosen to replicate some of the possible triggers for sensory overloads, such as sudden noises, too much eye contact, sudden movements, unexpected events (surprise test assignment etc.) and more. 

Developed within the project "Piedzīvo citādo". The material has been produced in cooperation with the multifunctional center "Solis Augšup". Project co-financed by the Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department Public Integration Program.
Credits in the video description.


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Want to help increasing the detail and immersion of my work?

Your support means a world to me and all of it is being used solely on progressing the quality of my work. If you’ve followed my work in past years, you probably have noticed my progression over time and currently I’m only limited by my hardware. For reference, currently, making 1-minute long VR animation takes about 6 months to render. 
Here are some ways you can help me get access to tools necessary to increase the immersion of my work. 
Anyway, I’m really thankful that you’ve managed to read this far.
Have a great day and enjoy the ride!.

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